Broadcast towers going up at our Royston Office

Jul 08, 2015


We got the Rohn Tower up at our office this past week. The first major installation project has been completed. We had our broadcast tower installed on our Royston Office which will be our head end. The tower is 50’ tall and will serve to transmit to our main tower site on Ginn Hill.

Primarily this tower will hold 1 or 2 backhaul dishes but for now we have installed 2 radios/antennas to start our BETA tests with. The tower has a 900mhz radio and antenna as well as a 5.8ghz radio and antenna. These will allow us to test for line of sight (LOS) or non-line of sight (NLOS).

We are hoping to begin BETA testing in the second week of July and conclude in the first week of August at which time we will swap these radios/antennas out with the back haul radios/antennas.