Paladin Wireless seeks a deal with Franklin Springs

Aug 20, 2015

Ben Garland of Paladin Wireless met with City Council members to discuss the use of their two water towers.  Paladin is looking to extend their coverage from downtown Royston into Franklin Springs and using the Water Tower behind the Bi-Lo and the Water Tower by Emanuel College will provide enough access points to do so.

“Our idea and plan is to provide an affordable alternative to other internet providers for all residents and business in Royston and Franklin Springs”, says Steve Fortmann of Paladin Wireless.

By using the two Water Towers in Franklin Springs Paladin Wireless is able to hit locations off 29 from the Wellness Park to the Dollar General past Mc. Donald’s. 

The City of Franklin Springs has asked for a formal proposal and Paladin will provide prior to their next council meeting in September.