If your Internet Service Provider isn't Paladin Wireless, the answer is YES.  

Did you know that ISPs are able to see all the traffic on their networks?  A careful reading of their privacy policy, acceptable use policy, and terms of service will show that they are watching everything you do.  They will claim they have their 'reasons', like making sure you aren't violating their terms of service or acceptable use policy, but in reality it's just old fashion spying. 

Not only are they watching what you do online, but they are actively collecting data about your online activities.  This collected data gets shared with others, both inside and outside the organization.  Most often times this data is used to build a valuable marketing profile which gets sold to third parties.

Other times it can be much more sinister. 

ISPs have the power to make certain websites disappear.  They are able to block access to any content that they say is 'objectional', not talking about an ISP blocking 'illegal' content, just content that they find 'objectional'.  Everything from news to health information has been blocked over the past few years because the powers that be determined it to be 'objectional'.  

Everyone is aware of how social media companies censor and remove content, and many of us have been victims of 'fact checkers'.  What most people don't know is that ISPs remove access to content all the time.  Imagine going to a website, you enter the exact URL in the browser and pull back nothing, not even an error page, there is just no site there at all.  

That is the level of power an ISP has, just as you can set rules on your home network, an ISP can set rules on their networks.  Some of these rules are benign but some are worded and designed to control what content is available online. 

At Paladin, we don't censor the internet and we don't spy on our users.  We call this the Paladin Difference. 

If you're ready to say 'no' to big brother, and 'yes' to Internet Freedom make the switch to Paladin today!

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