Wireless Internet Service Provider

Paladin Wireless: Your Leading Wireless Internet Service Provider

The Internet connection we currently use is experiencing a rapid change these days, and Paladin Wireless is helping to lead the charge. With Paladin Wireless, a top-notch wireless Internet service provider (WISP), you can finally break free from the need to depend on a cable company or telephone company for your Internet service.

While cable and telephone companies offer physical connections to businesses and homes, a WISP does not have to bring wire to your service location. This makes it an ideal solution for those whose homes or businesses are located in rural areas, where many telephone and cable companies aren’t willing to invest.

What is a WISP?

A majority of cellular phone service providers offer wireless service, but that doesn’t mean they are WISPs. This is because a cell phone company usually caps the quantity of data that can be transferred over its network every month, and it usually does not expect you to use its service constantly. A provider of satellite television is more like a WISP in that it can deliver service to wireless customers; however, the data has to travel a long distance, and this leads to service-speed problems, including lag online—particularly for gamers.

A WISP such as Paladin Wireless is more of a mixture of a cell phone provider and a satellite television provider. A WISP transmits and receives radio signals using antennas mounted on towers or buildings, just as cellular service providers do, and like a satellite service provider, it can deliver service to fixed locations.

Why a WISP?

A WISP offers the benefit of providing quicker upload speeds compared to DSL and cable providers. This can be extremely helpful for businesses that have remote offices. It can also be useful for companies that have server backup or offsite PC requirements, as both upload and download speeds are critical for these types of applications.

In the past, WISPs could not match the reliability and speed of cable modems or digital subscriber lines (DSL), but this recently became possible. With wireless technology continuing to evolve, WISPS today are actually being introduced to urban areas, thus creating more competition among service providers.

WISP Benefits in Rural Locations

In rural regions, a WISP can be invaluable in expanding the area’s access to high-speed Internet service. This not only benefits the individual customer but also the region at large, sparking huge economic growth as well as job creation. This is because the area can draw businesses that are looking for locations with a solid broadband presence. It can also boost educational opportunities, as learning no longer has to be confined to the traditional classroom setting. Access to high-speed Internet is a must to compete in the modern world.

The Paladin Wireless Difference

Paladin Wireless is excited to bring cutting-edge wireless Internet service to Northeast Georgia at a whole new level. Our hometown company is committed to offering you unparalleled service with a personal touch—at a price that fits your home or business budget while meeting your needs. We can get you online—and keep you there—no matter where you live or run your business. Contact us today to experience firsthand the Paladin Wireless difference.