Dawson County - BOC Planning Session

Feb 10, 2017

Commissioners Paladin Wireless was up in Dawson County last night, 9 Feb 2017, presenting our high speed internet product to the board of Commissioners.  Steve Fortmann addressed the board and at their afternoon planning session and discussed a plan to rent rooftop space on the county courthouse to install antennas and radios.  The installation would use specialized roof mounts that would not damage the roof surface.  The installation would be the first of many and is vital to Paladin’s plan because it would allow for a very quick deployment time.  Once this first site was live Paladin would quickly deploy to other vertical assets throughout the county. 

Steve answered many questions from the board and demonstrated Paladin’s commitment to provide an alternative solution for high speed internet in Dawson County.  The BOC meets next week to vote and any citizens of Dawson County are encouraged to let their commissioners know they want a choice in high speed internet!