Live in Jefferson and tired of your Internet service?

Aug 26, 2016

Paladin Wireless has received countless requests for service in Jackson County, specifically in Jefferson over the past year.  Over the past few months we have been working with people on the ground in Jefferson to see what the realities were with the current set of Internet providers.  WS is the local exchange carrier and Comcast as one building lit up in Jefferson (the county government building).  The issues with WS are very similar to issues they have in other parts of the region.  Aging technology and overselling are the main contributors to the poor customer experience.  Another factor we noted is the lack of competition in Jefferson and low return on investment for large telecom/cable to expand there.


In short this is an area Paladin Wireless thrives in.  We are able to deliver high speed internet to residents and businesses using fixed wireless technology.  Our terrestrial broadcast antennas are located within miles of our customers, not hundreds of miles away in space like with satellite internet!  Our network can push speeds of up to 450Mbps to end customers but we find that our current plans provide more than enough bandwidth for most. 


Paladin Wireless has a survey running right now.  Click here to complete it and be put on the mailing list.  You can help us by spreading the word, talk to your neighbors, city council, community leaders, and business owners.  To find out more about Paladin please give a call: 706-948-3136.