Meeting with the Chief of Staff for Congressman Doug Collins

Feb 19, 2016

Steve and Prize Fortmann met with Brendan Belair, the Chief of Staff for Congressman Doug Collins to discuss what Paladin Wireless is doing in providing a choice and competition for broadband in the region.

Last week the Chief of Staff for Doug Collins met with Steve and Prize to talk about rural broadband and the problems caused by Windstream.  The issue with Windstream is one Steve has been following for a while and knows first hand the hardships not having access to reliable high speed internet.  

Steve sent an email to Congressman Doug Collins about this problem the region has with Windstream.  As many of you know Windstream gets government money to expand rural broadband in this area yet they don't do it.  In fact it seems the service is actually worse than it has ever been.  

Brendan Belair then met with Steve to discuss this matter firsthand.  Prize was there to share the difficulties not having high speed internet at home has on raising your kids.  During the meeting Steve and Prize outlined the mission of Paladin Wireless and explained that where other companies will not invest in the region, because it isn't worth it, that we are investing in the region because we believe it is worth it. 

Furthermore, giving tax payers money to Windstream and not to smaller broadband providers hurts competition and makes the playing field very much in the favor of the major providers of Internet.